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 About Me



MY LOVE, for women and the Yoni runs deep!


Hii, I'm Tamika Skinner, the owner of Feminine Mystique Wellness Spa. An herbal wellness spa located in Berkeley, Ca

My 16 year background in healthcare with Kaiser Permanente lead me into the world of holistic healing- primarily in studies like indigenous medicine, herbalism, nutrition, and vaginal health.

I specialize in working with women's sexual health and well-being; particularly focusing on the Yoni and its energetic and emotional aspects. I offer various Yoni care services like detoxification, alleviation/healing and hygiene care

As a certified Yoni Practitioner and herbalist- we are successful with providing aid for women who suffered infertility issues, hormonal imbalance, diseases, and more!

My role as an herbalist is to create a safe and supportive environment for women to explore and connect with their Yoni, body and mind. Ultimately promoting self-awareness, healing, and empowerment.

Feminine Mystique Wellness Spa is a welcoming, healing haven for women.

Founded by women for women seeking womb-care, self-awareness and INNER PEACE

Peace & Love


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