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It's Al About  The Team




Tamika Skinner

Wellness Spa Owner


MY LOVE, for women and the Yoni runs deep!


My journey started many moons ago, while studying the art and magic of Tantra, Orgasmic Bliss, Self-Pleasure, Sex Magic, Holistic Herbal modalities and Aromatherapy. This lead me to the realm of the Goddesses ( ancient wisdom, indigenous remedies). Reiki, is where I received my initiation into the Divine! Into the Sisterhood! There I found myself

( Self-love), my magic (Self-Care), my purpose and my passion ( Self-Awareness).

Knowledge is infinite. As a graduate from the Outwater, Reiki  certificate program and Yoni Empowerment Academy, as a certified Yoni Practitioner. I continue to learn, and grow while I heighten my horizon through extensive research, spiritual experiences, studying and observing the art of herbs and healing. I dedicate my time, energy, and love to continue my life's path of healing women, and encouraging women to know their bodies, love their bodies, heal their womb and tap into their inner DIVINE...

Their unseen DIVINITY!

The Door way to Orgasmic Bliss!... Trust Me!

My name is Tamika Skinner, I am a Mother, Wife, Herbalist, Reiki & Tantric spiritualist, Yoni practitioner, and Womb Healer.

Feminine Mystique Wellness Spa is a welcoming, healing haven for women. Founded by women for women seeking womb-care, self-awareness and 


Peace & Love



Monique Aleciya

Wax, Brow & Lash Specialist

As a cosmetologist I constantly felt the need to have my makeup done and brows filled in no matter what.

Its taking off my makeup at the end of the day and not feeling insecure about my brows. I loved this process so much, I decided to educate myself on all things relative to this industry. I have been certified over 10x now. I am really looking forward to attending more classes in the near future. I believe in staying up to date and being well informed. Providing my clients with quality service is my prerogative.

Cultivating and creating a genuine, safe, judgement free zone is something I believe you deserve to experience. I know you deserve and experience and not just another encounter.

Much Love,



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