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Sun, Oct 08


Feminine Mystique Wellness Spa

Tea | Sex & Wellness

Hormonal imbalance, disease and disorders HEALING, WELLNESS, AND PLEASURE Transform your whole approach to holistic wellness and cultural modalities Our self-care regimens are a great therapy haven for nutrition, self care, self-awareness, gratification, bliss, and feminine energy

Tea | Sex & Wellness
Tea | Sex & Wellness

Time & Location

Oct 08, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Feminine Mystique Wellness Spa, 2907 Claremont Ave ste 100, Berkeley, CA 94705, USA

About the event

Find hope, healing & wellness with our wombcare tea tasting ceremony 

If you have a hormonal disease, disorder or imbalance!


Pair your tea tasting perfectly with our very popular vegan wellness snack bundle 

Snack, Sip, and Create!

A peaceful and tasty experience 

Preparing tea with hormonal intentions and well-being 

Rich wild-crafted herbs from around the world 

Ready for you to create your very own womb tea ceremonial blend 

Honor, Health, and Dedication to self-preservation 

Enjoy while you explore our organ cleanse herbs, aphrodisiac herbs, detox herbs, herbs for PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cysts and More! 

Detox baths have been used for therapeutic practices and hormonal disorders, detox baths are a great way to support the body's natural detoxification processes 

Enjoy and create from our Detox Bath Table

 CHOOSE from an array of salt minerals, essential oils, herbs, flowers and more to cultivate and ELIMINATE TOXINS! 

The Pleasure Zone

It's a sexual wellness showcase to increase your stimulation with

Yoni reflexology and Orgasmic Pleasure Enhancers 

Your body produces hormones to regulate all of your bodily functions- when your hormones are off, your sexual functioning and health are thrown off as well 


Create your own Yoni oil OR intimate Yoni lubrication

What a Spicy Session!

Wellness Mind. Body & Yoni Care 

We specialize in ancient practices and plant based products aimed to support and maintain a womens reproductive health and hormonal balance in individuals with a uterus.

Our practices and products are focused on the overall well-being and addressing specific concerns related to hormonal imbalances, menstrual health, depression, spiritual body, birthcontrol, fertility and more! 

> Herbal remedies

 > Nutritional support

 > Self-care practices

 > Menstrual cycle tracking

 > Non-toxic personal care products

 > Holistic healing modalities 

From our holistic care menu 

CHOOSE ANY ONE of the following for your complete hormonal wellness care package 

ONE 30 minute Yoni Steam 

ONE 30 minute Foot Detox Therapy 

ONE 30 minute Crystal Light Therapy 


Enjoy the act of journaling with our personalized Tea| Sex & Wellness

30 day burn journal

“Acknowledges the PAIN, HOLDS it and MOST importantly... RELEASES IT”

One 15 minute aromatherapy oxygen bar

 "Stabilize your nervous system & Improves digestion” 

* Wellness Womb Care Gift Bag filled with holistic goodies

See you soon!





  • Complete Hormonal Wellness


    +$3.75 service fee

    Womb Care & Healing Ceremony 3 PERSONALIZED WORKSHOPS Womb Care tea blend Bath detox soak Yoni oil OR Yoni lubrication PLUS CHOOSE ANY ONE of the following at checkout 30- minute Yoni Steam 30- minute Foot Detox Therapy 30- minute Photon Jade Light Therapy WE HAVE MORE Receive Wellness Gifts 30 Day Burn Journal “Acknowledges the PAIN, HOLDS it and MOST importantly... RELEASES IT” 15- minute aromatherapy oxygen bar “Stabilize your nervous system & Improves digestion” Womb Care gift bag RAFFLE


    +$3.75 service fee





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